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The plant of the company is well equipped with sophisticated machineries, equipment, instruments which are enough qualify to produce cGMP grade medicines; such as Liquid, ( Syrup) Semisolid, Powder, Tablets, Capsules and Ointments



As we are committed to maintain uncompromising cGMP guideline. So,our Quality Control Department is enriched with standard equipments, instruments, reagents, reference books and leaded by a team of qualified and job related experienced personnels, such as Chemist, Botanist, Pharmacist and Ayurvedic expert ( Kaviraj ). They are devoted and sincere to inprocess control, R/M check and test, finished goods analysis etc.


Some our reference books:

1.PDR for Herbal Medicines, 2nd edition, Medical Economics Company Montivale. New Jersey, U.S.A


2. Indian Materia Medica-(Vol. 1& 2)-A.K. Nadkarni. Popula Prokashan-Bombay


3. The Chopra centre Herbal Hand Book-Deepak Chopra & David Simon.


4. Ayurved Vikas (Mar-Apr’2002)


5. Bangladesh National Ayurvedic Formulary.


6. PDR (BHP)


The major ingredients used to production are herbs, spices, fruits and flowers extracts some animals and minerals sources are also used. The sources of ingredients mainly are indigenous, some special & rare items have been collected from renowned international source.



Royel Laboratories (Ay) Ltd  is committed to build-up skilled human resources by giving professional training and working environment along with short and long term benefits for the capable persons as. moral commitment to the society


The following trained and qualified professionals are working with us.

Plant :

Factory Manager Master of Chemistry with 10 years working experience in the related field.


Production Manager :

Ayurved Sastri ( kaviraj ) with several years working experiences.


A good numbers of skilled & trained technical personnels, stuffs, and workers are keping upgraded providing regular motivation, orientation and cGMP guide lines.


Quality control and assurance

1. Pharmacist M. Pharm

2. Kaviraj (Ayurvedic Expert)

3. Botanist Master of Botany


The Marketing department is consists of three vital divisions:

(1) P M D (2) Medical promotion / sales (3) Distribution.


Marketing Manager :
Master of Science, MBA along with 10 years Pharmaceuticals products marketing experience.

Product Management Dept. :
A team of young energetic and qualified PMD personnels are working to provide innovative products line, product developments, marketing search, update market information’s, customers need and also involved with field forces professional training program. Time to time they also conduct seminar in the field with the doctors and chemists to ventilate the latest information’s.


Medical Promotion personnels :

Ranks :

1. Medical Promotion Officer

2. Area Manager

3. Regional Manager

4. Divisional Manager

They are qualified, trained, skilled and working together as family member in respective positions to achieve the company’s goal.


Distribution personels and stuffs :

Distribution Manager : Bachelor of commerce with 7 years working experience in the related field.

Distribution field forces:


1. Distribution Officers

2. Delivery Staffs

The educated, trained and reliable distribution workers are dedicated, devoted thus they are able to support the marketing activity with full of satisfaction and to brings achievements.



Royel  Laboratories (Ay) LTd  Bangladesh persently marketing within the country and covering a good number of District head quarters, Upazilas along with the peripherial markets.



To be a market leader we are working with definite plan to ensure even better health care products for the society.


A we know that the demand of Ayurvedic and herbal medicines dayby day increasing globally considering effective, safety and less chance of side effects. We have an immediate plan to enter the international market with our quality and effective Ayurvedic medicine.







Mahir Shahariar Sisir

Royel Laboratories (Ay) LTD

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Dhaka Office :

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Factory :

Royel  Laboratories (AY) LTD

Hemayetpor , Savar, Dhaka

Sister Concern of Noor Group Bangladesh